I learned that an insurance-driven practice prevents me from devoting the appropriate time and resources to the people I see, so I don’t accept insurance. Successful psychiatric treatment, particularly of children and adolescents, demands thoughtful, consi­dered care, and a fee-for-service boutique practice brings all the resulting benefits to every patient.

No answering machines

Every call to my office will always take you to a human being. If you don’t reach my staff or me, you’ll get someone at my answering service – no matter the hour, no matter the day of the year. I’m serious about connection.

About medications

By design, I pursue a highly interpersonal course of treatment. When it involves the prescription of medication, I collaborate continuously with parents, educators and all relevant medical personnel. I do this for two reasons: first to ensure peace of mind; and equally to ensure that each patient progresses in the smoothest, most productive way.

Privacy, parking, peace

My Westport office is close to Main Street, but off the beaten path. The wooded site has as much parking as birdsong, and my practice is conveniently located on the first floor. A den-like counseling space completes a setting that I believe patients value as a comforting sanctuary.

Learning more

To get a better sense of what you can expect and how it might unfold, please call to set up a consultation that fits your schedule. This is about your kids, and I wish them and you the swiftest possible control of their issues.