I treat the entire person, which means I address the mind, body and the equally important spirit of each patient I see. This requires not only broader sensibilities but greater willingness to tap all available resources. Over the years, I’ve found that integrative medicine brings my patients the greatest benefits of both.

Integrative medicine is a system that targets a healthy life, and applying integrative medicine to psychiatry particularly supports the health of the mind. To achieve this, I may suggest complementary treatments – from nutrition and stress-reduction techniques to acupuncture. Whatever options we choose, I make sure that all medical professionals involved with my patients stay apprised of treatment protocols. And to ensure that all treatment takes place in the best possible way, I’ve established a boutique practice.

A boutique practice

This thoroughly personalized model allows me to focus a great deal of attention on a small number of patients. The resulting convenience guarantees scheduling of routine appointments within two days, and a response to any call within 12 hours. Abiding commitment brings this guarantee: if a crisis occurs, I will respond when it occurs.